Drink Menu


All of our drinks are delicious whether they are served with spirits or not. We believe that people embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle want to socialize and should be able to do so with a delicious drink in hand. Just let us know if we should serve your drink spiked or otherwise.

Bee's Knees - Featuring local honey and lime juice, this prohibition classic is a delightful drink with or without gin.

Basil Rosemary Lemonade - Featuring Siren Shrub* Basil, this drink screams summer fun with or without the vodka.

Pomegranate Cosmo - Featuring 100% pomegranate juice, triple sec, lemon juice and raw honey, it's crispy and light flavor is sure to please.

*Whether you find yourself craving a delightful and refreshing cocktail/mocktail or needing a unique gift with a fantastic story to share, Siren Shrub has got you covered. Shrubs are flavorful concentrates made from three simple and delicious ingredients. They are used to make anything you’re drinking taste better. Available for sale at The Hive.